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The Aesculap Academy is one of the leading medical forums for everyone that is committed to protecting and improving the lives of people around the world. To these medical professionals we offer top quality knowledge transfer based on globally recognised quality criteria using innovative methods and technologies.         DIALOG - DEDICATED TO LIFE.   The Aesculap Academy has its roots in the company B. Braun, which has been protecting and improving people’s health for more than 180 years. With our courses, hands-on training and symposia we help to honour our parent company’s promise of SHARING EXPERTISE.  DIGITAL DIALOG.         The impact of COVID-19 has affected our ability to deliver our events in the usual way. Our seminars and training courses; many of which have been digitalised in recent months, give participants working in medicine confidence when using new procedures, methods and technologies. Digital Dialog is the new format whereby Aesculap Academia are providing medical knowledge transfer to healthcare professionals in a digital way.  This format is designed to impart skills and abilities that increase the safety of patients and medical staff and make processes more effective.     ACCREDITATION. We are proud to announce that in recognition of outstanding surgery-related educational provision by a surgical education centre, The Royal College of Surgeons of England has awarded Aesculap Academia centre accreditation; An award of excellence.        The Royal College of Surgeons is a leading national and international centre for surgical education, training, assessment, examination and research. This partnership and accreditation will enable us to ensure the highest standards of education in surgery are met.